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I was having severe back pain and pain was also going down my leg. After several adjustments, I was not responding to treatment. Dr Becky had recommended several exercises. She suggested getting an MRI and having the results sent to her as well as my primary. The MRI report stated I have a protruding disc. After Dr. Becky received the MRI report, she changed the adjustments slightly. That helped tremendously. Within 2 1/2 or 3 weeks I was and am Pain free. I did not need the spinal injection that the medical doctor suggested. I highly recommend Dr Becky for any back problems. I feel really good thanks to Dr Becky


Being a sufferer of R.A. my ability to walk was getting very unsteady. Dr. Gimm suggested I try the Multi Radiance Laser treatment on my feet. I believe it has helped me to walk 70% better.

Ken Terwelp

Good treatments, very good advice, timely.


Prompt to get an appointment when problems arises. Very professional, courteous and friendly staff. Dr Becky Grimm is very knowledgeable and explains everything clearly. Only asks to return for follow ups when necessary. I would highly recommend the services.

Alan Gerde

I had shooting pain on my left hip area. Two adjustments, and advice on simple exercises made it better quickly. No medications, no pain!


Over the years I have received chiropractic back care due to an accident and work related back injuries. Six months after my knee replacement my family and I realized my posture was presenting rolled shoulders. When I tried to stand up straight. I could not. A friend recommended Dr. Grimm. After x-rays and a thorough examination Dr. Grimm began my adjustments along with my 48 second neck and shoulder exercises. I have regained my posture, neck, and back strength.

Thank you Dr Grimm!

Cherly Stebor

Recently, I was suffering multiple symptoms including constant tingling in my hands, lower back pain, and shoulder pain. I was worried that these may be serious degenerative conditions. Dr. Grimm identified several misalignment's in my spine and after several adjustments, all the problems disappeared. I feel 100% better with no drugs or invasive procedures. I would definitely recommend a consultation with Dr. Grimm. She truly wants her patients to live a better life.

Steve Eckert

Since 2007 I have been to Dr. Becky Grimm DC SC. Her adjustments have always corrected whatever problems I have had, and I still continue going to her.

Dixie Wallace

When my daughter, Sophie, was only eight weeks old, she started to struggle with her regular feedings. She would arch her back and scream at my every attempt to breast feed.She would also cry during other times of the day in a high pitched, inconsolable cry for several hours at a time. When these occurrences began to occur more often, we started to realize something was wrong. The doctor determined that Sophie had silent gastroesophageal reflux.This causes reflux of stomach acid which would burn her throat with each occurrence.Over the next month it continued to get worse, Sophie wouldn’t sleep for more than thirty minutes, was very irritable, had poor weight gain, could not tolerate laying on her back or sitting in the car seat, and continued to scream regularly throughout all hours of the day. As a first time parent, who had the highest expectations of a perfect baby, I was crushed, depressed, drained, and still wondered how to help her get through this. I insisted that something needed to be done to help relieve her pain and “waiting for her to outgrow it” was not an option. We started on the medication, Prevacid, and tried a specialized formula that would be easier for her to digest. A swallow test confirmed there were no throat abnormalities. Still struggling, we hit our low point when Sophie would scream every time she even saw the bottle. She had developed a food aversion and for weeks we had to feed her after finally getting her to sleep by switching her pacifier with the bottle. After talking with some friends one weekend about our struggles, one of them mentioned seeing a chiropractor. Fortunately, the chiropractor we contacted first was Dr. Grimm.Her confidence immediately gave us encouragement as she explained the thoracic spine and nerve supply anatomy. After feeling Sophie’s spine she adjusted her T6 vertebrate and C2 vertebrate, the esophagus and throat nerve supply, by applying pressure to these spinal areas.These plates were out of place, which was putting pressure on nerves that made digestion more difficult and lying comfortably on her back or in her car seat was almost impossible.What she was telling me made perfect sense, but was it all too good to be true? The answer came very quickly, as Sophie rode comfortably without any fuss on the forty minute car ride home.For the first time ever, she did not scream in her car seat.To make things even better, she took a two hour nap later that morning and a three hour nap that same afternoon.I literally cried with joy more several times that day with such relief that Dr. Grimm was the answer to our problems. We saw Dr. Grimm a total of three times that week and two times per each week following.We set goals and she predicted Sophie would be sleeping through the night within a month. After two months of seeing Dr. Grimm, Sophie was off her reflux medication and sleeping through the night entirely. She still had a few rough days, but after each visit, she improved her eating and sleeping.I will never forget the first time she opened her mouth requesting her bottle.There have been countless times that my husband and I wondered how things would be if we were not lucky enough to have visited Dr. Grimm. Sophie is now almost ten months old. She transitioned to eating solid foods perfectly and all her reflux symptoms have resolved. She is a true joy to be around, full of spunk and personality! We can not express enough how much Dr. Grimm helped our little girl.

Alison Groves

Due to pain in my back and legs. I called for an appointmnet with Dr. Grimm's office and was able to get in on the same day. After 4 treatments, pain has subsided and able to get up and down from sitting position with little or no pain and continue my daily activity.

Due to pain in my back and legs. I called for an appointmnet with Dr. Grimm's office and was able to get in on the same day. After 4 treatments, pain has subsided and able to get up and down from sitting position with little or no pain and continue my daily activity.

Katherine W.

Several years ago I came to Dr. Grimm with severe back pain. She was able to make the adjustment that provided significant relief. Now I visit her whenever I feel I need a "tune up"! Thank you Becky!


Hi, my name is Bentlee,

I was born by emergency c-section 10 weeks early AND I was breech. I was having a lot of trouble keeping my formula down and a very hard time keeping my head up. Mommy took me to Dr. Becky Grimm to see if she could help me. In only 2 weeks I was keeping my food down better. In another few treatments, she helped me hold my head up better.

I feel so much better! Thanks, Dr. Grimm


(Feb. 2016)

I was skeptical but having intense pain. I gave Dr. Grimm a try. Amazing technique, I feel great! No pain!


(Jan. 2016)

I have been seeing Dr. Grimm for at least 10 years or more. I don't have a need to go often but I do go once in awhile for a "tune up." Last week I had been riding in a car long distance and woke up Thursday morning with severe lower back pain and had another trip on Sunday. Dr. Grimm adjusted me Friday and I was 95%. I saw her again Mon. and was good. She released me. She listens and we talk about do's and don'ts. I would recommend her to anyone.

Sharon J.

(Sept. 2015)

I like the way Becky is all business and doesn't try to con you. She is sincere and does her best to help you out. I appreciate the fact that she gets my chiropractic needs done quickly and doesn't try to keep you coming back if you don't need to.

Jeff A.

Thank you Dr. Becky Grimm for being there for me from 1999 till now. You have treated me well. Back in shape in a few visits then I'm good till the next time. No need to keep going back, and back, and back. Love the technique!

Doug G.

I lived with back pain for so long. I just accepted the pain as getting old. Dr. Grimm, in just a few short visits, has me pain free and more flexible.

Case # 50530

Dr. Grimm always explains what she is going to do. She never pressures to keep coming back. She lets you decide if you need more treatment.

C. Pracht