Letter from Dr. Grimm

Gem City Chiropractic is proud to announce a new tool we are using to aid people in becoming more healthy. It is Verju, a cold Laser that detoxes your fat cells and repairs collagen. This laser is more powerful, efficient and has more laser frequencies for added benefits than our previous laser. More portals are gently produced in the fat cell to release toxins and glycogen energy. Therefore, three beautiful side effects occur: you reduce in size, detox, and collagen is repaired.

Your fat cell is part of your immune system that is a storage unit for toxins. Everything you have eaten from day one that has a shelf life; herbicides, preservatives, dyes, and multitudes of other toxins are stored in the fat cell.

This is an ingenious way your body protects your vital organs.

Energy is stored in fat cells. When you eat food with nutritional value and you have eaten an excess of caloric value for your metabolic rate; your body stores this in fat cells. The problem is we eat like athletes but we have sedentary lifestyles.

A perfect example is grapes and raisins. A fat cell is produced by your body and it looks like a raisin, flat and empty. Your fat cell absorbs what is in excess of what your body needs; energy or toxins. The fat cell eventually fills up like a grape, hence our shape. The fat cell also retains water because the solution to pollution is dilution! The laser creates portals to allow the fat cell to release their contents. You receive the energy and have the added benefit to "flush out" toxins that cause your body to produce symptoms such as pain, lethargy, and other long term health conditions.

Collagen is the rebar in your tissue that gives it strength. When rebar is broken down it allows the excess fat to poke through the breaks in collagen. This appearance is called cellulite. The specific frequency in Verju repairs the collagen. This is not temporary. Your collagen is repaired.

Lasers have been used in health care for over 30 years and Erochonia has been the leading Company for FDA approvals and research. We are proud to have acquired the Verju to help people in their quest for better health through safe and effective means.

  • No hormones.
  • No 500 calorie starvation diets.
  • No special food.
  • No excessive workout programs.

Clinically monitored protocol:

  • No Surgery!
  • No Pain!
  • No Downtime!
  • No Incisions!


Dr. Becky Grimm

Letter from Dr. Grimm